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Ask AI

Ask AI lets you ask questions about each conversation.

Some examples on how it can help:

Ask a question to:

  1. Better understand customer issues and get detailed explanations.

  2. Learn if agents inquire about 'permissions' in the their conversations.

  3. Receive guidance on how agents can enhance their performance.

When using Ask AI, asking clear and well-explained questions leads to better answers.

But don't stress about the technical details 👨‍💻 – we've got that covered.

All you need to do is ensure your questions are:

  • Formulated as if you're asking about ONE single conversation

  • Enriched with the right context and details

  • Clear and specific

That's it! Ready to start asking?

Follow the link to get started

Usability test - AI Key Topics

Could we borrow 5 min of your time?

We are running a usability test on the upcoming feature

Auto generated Key Topics

and would love some feedback on the concept and interaction.

Hit the Link to give it a go.

Much appreciated 🙏

Automated call categorisation

We recently launched the first prototype for our fully automated call categorisation based on the root causes generated by Capturi AI. 

The aim is:

  1. To give you insight into what customers are calling you about and why.

  2. Lay the foundation for providing you with fully automated and actionable insights.

  3. Radically reduce the need for manual configuration of topic related trackers.

For now we are testing it out in collaboration with 10 customers, to get a validation of the potential value and get some initial feedback. 

So stay tuned for more updates on these exciting new possibilities.

Capturi AI summaries directly in Puzzel

Are you a Puzzel customer? 

Would you like to provide your agents with an even better foundation for delivering outstanding customer service? 

With the new Capturi widget for Puzzel, your agents can view summaries from a customers previous calls to your call center, and get an easy understanding of a potential call history when ever the customer calls again. 

The summary is shown directly in Puzzel along with all the other customer data, so the agent have all info gathered in one place. 

Let us know if you want to give it a go. 


Download customer data

According to the GDPR regulations, customers have the right: To have insight into which personal data is being processed about him/her, and to receive a copy thereof.

To enable you to accommodate such requests from your customers we have made it super easy to download all audio recordings and the transcripts available on a given phone number. 

You can even chose to exclude the agents voice from the recording, so the customer is only available to hear his/her own voice on the recording. 


Check out the video if you want to know how to do it.


New design - even better experience

This is just a heads up that we will be introducing a new lighter and more compact design to the left side navigation menu. 

We are doing this to: 

  1. Put more visual focus on the content of the page and not the menu, by making it lighter

  2. Give a better overview by reducing the amount of visible manu items

  3. Get more room for content by removing the top navigation bar and Increasing the hight of the content page. 

As always - don’t hesitate to reach out with any feedback you may have. 

05.09.23 Usage dashboard and improved tracker config.

This weeks newsletter will be about two new releases:

  1. Understanding how Capturi is used in you organisation

  2. Better tracker configuration

As well as a brief update on where we are with the text analysis module.

Curious about who’s active in Capturi?

We have made it super simple to get insight into your usage of the Capturi platform, by adding a new “usage” dashboard under the “reports” headline in the left side menu.

The report is only visible to users with the role Admin or Owners.

Check it out if you:

  • Want to know which of your employees use the platform and for what.

  • Have set guidelines or expectations to your employees about how much time they should spend on coaching, analysing or quality assurance, and want to check in on the actual usage.

  • Need to document activities as a part of your quality assurance process.

Improved tracker configuration setting

We have acted on a feature request that's been in the drawer for quite some time, and made it possible to make a tracker active in the time between the start and the end of the call.

Compare key topics across channels 

Our first goal with the text module has been to enable our users to compare customer contact reasons (key topics) across the two channels:

  • Phone

  • Email

We are very exited to say that this is now doable.

We have the necessary infrastructure in place and increased the tracker functionality so that it now covers both phone and emails.

Next up is to incorporate email data into our dashboard widget, so you can get a live overview of your topics in your dashboards.

Apart from adding features we have also added a few more Integrations, so we now support three of the most popular support systems used by our customers:

  • Etrack1

  • Zendesk

  • Focalscope

Is your support system not on the list?

Or do you just want to now more about the text module?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Succes manager.

16.08.23 Infinite dashboards and improved layout options

Those of you who worked through the summer brake (when everyone else is feet up by the pool) knows that it often proves to be a most welcome opportunity, to take a look at the projects that has been simmering in the backlog for a while.

At Capturi, a couple of our frontend developers stayed on during July and did just that, resulting in some long wanted tweaks to our beloved dashboards.

Infinite dashboards

Many of you have expressed a wish to have “scrollable” dashboards in order to have room for more data.

Especially for those dashboards that serve as a reporting tool.

So we removed the hight limited, which means that you are now able to build infinite long dashboards.

If you have a report that is spread across multiple dashboards today, you can join them in one single scrollable dashboard.

Improved layout options

With no vertical limits we felt that we had to make it easier to create a nice and ordered layout.

So we increased the grid layout from 8x12 to 24x48 in order to make it easier to organise the widgets in different sections and improve the readability of the dashboard.

The minimum size of a widget have also been made smaller, allowing you to fit even more widgets in the same view.

And with the improved spacing options, you can use spacing to group and avoid “clutter” even though the dashboard holds more information.

Existing dashboards are easily merged to the new layout by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the dashboard page.

10.07.23 Quality assurance and custom summaries

Hi there

It’s summer time and some well deserved time off is drawing closer - yay 🏖️

But before we slip into our 🩴 and 🩳🩱, we have one last news update we would like to share.

It’s been full steam ahead these last couple of months, were we have

  • Experimented with GenAI and added customised summaries

  • Building v 0.9 of the text analysis module (emails)

  • Adding new functionality to improve the quality assurance process.

In the video below, you can get a more detailed sneak peak at how you can get a better overview of your Quality Assurance work and make it more efficient.

Customised summaries

On the Generative AI front we have made it possible to add customer specific prompts to the summary generator.

So instead of the "simple" 100 word summary you already know, it is now possible to tailor the output and format of the summary to contain specific topics, bullet list etc.

If you have questions or would like to add your own prompt, just ask your CS manager who can help you out with the next steps.

Text analysis v. 0.9

The initial version of the Capturi text module will go out to the first customers over the summer holiday and focus will be on gathering some initial feedback, that may help guide the next steps of the development.

If you also think that getting insights into your email based customer communication would be the coolest thing since sliced bread, please let your CS manager know so he/she can loop you in on the details.

Improve your Quality Assurance

At Capturi we make an effort of working closely with our customers.

Lately this collaboration have resulted in a series of new Quality Assurance features, that makes it easier to document and monitor your Quality Assurance activities.

It consists of 3 elements:

  • A "reviewed" setting on each conversation

  • A randomiser functionality that gives you a variable amount of random conversations within a given date range

  • A dashboard that enables you to to monitor how many reviews are done and by whom, as well as which agents that has been reviewed.

02.06.23 First steps towards GenAI in Capturi

Since the release of Chat GPT, the market of Large Language Models and Generative AI have been booming. 

And while the tech is actually not that new, the quality and accessibility has taken a quantum leap these past 6 months, opening up a whole new world of opportunities. 

At Capturi we are, obviously, over the moon about the almost endless possibilities this brings, and how it will make it possible for us to turbo charge our way to the next generation Capturi. 

AI Summaries

Our first baby step on this journey is AI summaries, providing you with a short and precise summary of a conversation, making it easier and faster to review calls. 

Copy paste it to your CRM system, and all of a sudden documenting your calls have never been easier. 

Next step is to make the summary available via our API, so it can be automatically transferred to the CRM, completely removing the manual task of writing call summaries. 

For companies who have an obligation to document all calls, this will be a game changer and result in significant process optimisations and cost savings. 

Do you have suggestions for other applications of call summaries that could make your life easier? 

Manage trackers across multiple organisations 

For those of you working with multiple organisations in Capturi, you might have experienced the challenge of managing trackers and ensuring data quality across all organisations.

I know we have… 

With the release of Master trackers, this exercise has become significantly easier, as “shared” trackers can be created and managed from one single organisation. 

Data governance is ensured, as it is only possible to edit master trackers centrally, and any changes made to the tracker is automatically rolled out to all organisations. 

Back to the good old list view 

With the introduction of folders for dashboards, we recently changed the design and layout of the Dashboard overview, which didn’t really have the desired effect. 

So… we listened to the feedback and have gone back to a simple list view. 

Hopefully this will restore the overview that many of you appreciated with the “old” design.