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In this document you will find descriptions of changes to the Capturi integration API v. 2.0.

We strive to make descriptions of known changes available as soon as possible, but do not guarantee a minimum "response time" for changes.

In most cases we expect descriptions to be available a few weeks in advance of the change, not months.

If you have questions or need help, you can always reach out to our support on and they will help you.

01.12.2023 Removal of "questions"

Hi 👋


We are contacting you as a user of the Capturi API endpoints. If you are not the technical go-to for your account, please forward this email to the appropriate IT team/person.

We’d like to inform you of an upcoming breaking change to our conversation model, as we are removing "questions" from our conversation models, which will affect responses from the following API's:

  • POST /integrations/conversations/list-full

  • POST /integrations/conversations/list-delta

  • GET /integrations/conversations/{uid}

The update will take affect December 1st, 2023.


What is changing?

Please view the changes in the attached PDF file.

Questions removal.pdf
46.3 KB

01.12.2023 Changes to Trackers

The following endpoints have breaking changes to their response model:
GET /integrations/trackers
GET /integrations/trackers/{uid}
words, speakerId, phrasesSettings and timeFilter will be removed from the response model.

These fields can instead be found on the new speech value.

Please note that the speech field maybe be null if the tracker is only configured for text.