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Send data via SFTP

Sftp is a flexible, secure, and stable way of doing integration with Capturi. When you integrate to Capturi with sftp, the integration is based on file transfers. For being able to filter, sort and use the recordings in Capturi, you will need to provide Capturi with all the extra information (we call it meta data) like who has called, who has answered directly on the sftp-server. 

This can be done in the filename or by uploading a file (json, xml, csv) together with the sound file that contains the information about the call. 

Below you can see an example of a filename and a file containing the extra information. 

Here is an example of a filename containing the meta data: 

(calling number)_(number that was called)_(DIRECTION)_(date)_(time of day)_(duration)_(answering agent number)_(queue name)_(answering agent name).mp3/wav/opus 


Here is an example of a json file with the meta data: 

 externalId: “string”, 
 numberOfSpeakers: int, 
 phoneNumber: “string”, 
 title: “string”, 
 labels: [“string”, “array”], 
 datetime: datetime, 
 outcome: “string”, 
 outcomeReason: “string”, 
 agentId : “string”, 
 agentName: “string”, 
 agentEmail: “string”, 
 nps: float, 
 score: “string”, 
 direction: “string”, 
 timeToAnswer: int, 
 channel: “string”, 
 caseId: “string”, 
 fileUrl: “string”, 
 reasonForCalling: “string” 


 The samples above can serve as inspiration and we will always be open to add more data or consume data in other format. Please reach out.