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The integration with the Unexus call center is done via FTP and simply requires the creation of a user and a password for the FTP server that Capturi can access to retrieve the audio files.

In Denmark, Unexus is provided by Kemp & Lauritzen, who can assist with the above setup if you do not host your own FTP server.

Depending on the setup, it may be necessary to create a mapping between the usernames in Unexus and the employees' real names. This is done via an Excel sheet and is coordinated with your customer success manager.

Additionally, there is the possibility to retrieve further metadata on the call via a web service, which provides the following information:

<RecordingInfo UCSCallId="29833" Recorded="200908111711" Direction="1" CallerNumber="" CallerName="" CalledNumber="" RouterCallId="31777" Router="Helpdesk" Agent="Bert" Device="275" Result="1" Duration="106" Qualification="" Note="">20200908111711000Z3@U$273!HELPDESK-275^BERT_.mp3</RecordingInfo>

Access to the web service is a separate setup that needs to be agreed upon with Kemp & Lauritzen if desired.